Redesign of LAStools error handling

Release note for version 240510: The redesign of the error handling may require customization of scripts using LAStools. Background: The reasons for error messages can be minor (e.g. a tool argument is not in the correct range). However, especially when working in batch mode, it is crucial that errors in the process are reliably detected […]

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‘Malware alerts’ when starting LAStools or laslook on Windows

Sometimes Windows refuses to start a program. This may be caused by Windows‘ internal security mechanism or by external virus scanners installed by users to protect their computers against viruses, malware programs, serious damage or theft of data. The Microsoft Windows operating system tries to prevent programs from randomly starting that appear suspicious, (e.g., if

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LAStools @linux

LAStools runs on Windows and Linux. This article describes the features and installation of LAStools for Linux. Features All binaries are 64bit.Multicore (-cores) is supported.BLAST is not available right now on Linux.The „-gui“ option is not available because most users run LAStools@Linux on the command line for batch processing. Installation Download the binaries via a

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Development and perspective

Beside maintenance and customer support, LAStools will certainly need some updates and further development to remain competitive. We are currently working on the following tasks. New GUI LAStools is a fundamental element regarding LiDAR data processing, but the GUI is outdated. Young professionals require a more intuitive operation. Visualizing cloud points helps to understand about

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