A simple open source tool with LGPL 2.1 license to validate whether a single or a folder of LAS or LAZ files conform to the LAS specification of the ASPRS. If something goes wrong during your LiDAR processing with LAStools it is good to run a lasvalidate check before asking a question in the LAStools userContinue Reading

This handy tool converts from points from bloated ASCII to binary LAS or compressed LAZ file. When you send us a support request for this tool please include a few lines (around 20 to 50) of your ASCII text representation as well the command lines (aka parse strings) that youContinue Reading

A simple open source tool licensed LGPL 2.1 that converts binary LAS or LAZ files to human readable ASCII text format. Below is an example command line that converts one LAZ file to text by placing the x, y, and z coordinate of each point as the 1st, 2nd, andContinue Reading