Extracts the points from the E57 format and stores them as LAS/LAZ files.

This tool reads LiDAR in the E57 format from a *.e57 file and converts it to either standard LAS, compressed LAZ, or simple ASCII TXT.

By default all scans contained in the E57 file are merged into one output with all invalid points being omitted. The points of different scans are given different point source IDs so that the information which points belong to one scan is preserved. It’s possible to request ‘-split_scans’ and ‘-include_invalid’ to put points from different scans into separate files and/or to include invalid points as well.

Another useful option is ‘-v’ or ‘-verbose’ that informs about the contents and the progress of processing.

Below are some typical example command lines for the data that can be found here: http://www.libe57.org/data.html

e572las -v -i pumpACartesian.e57 -o pumpACartesian.laz
e572las -v -i Station018.e57 -o Station018.laz -set_scale 0.002 0.002 0.002
e572las -v -i trimble.e57 -o trimble.laz
e572las -v -i pump.e57 -o pump.las -split_scans
e572las -v -i trimble.e57 -o trimble.txt -oparse xyzi
e572las -v -i pump.e57 -o pump.laz -include_invalid

By default the tool will apply transformations and/or rotations that it find stored in the pose of each scan. You can ask the tool not to apply those with ‘-no_pose’. To selevtively suppress only transformation or rotation use ‘-no_transformation’ or ‘-no_rotation’.

This tool can be downloaded and used for free as Windows binaries or Linux binaries. The Windows binary is also included in the regular LAStools download. No installation is required.

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