As an input take, for example, a LAS/LAZ/TXT file and a SHP/TXT file with one
or many polylines (e.g. powerlines).
This feature modifies points within a certain distance of those polylines.
There are two separate options for running point selection; you can either:

  • Specify a radial distance to the 3D polygon
  • Specify a vertical and a horizontal distance to the 3D polygon

Affected points can be classified, clipped, or flaged.

The input SHP/TXT file must contain clean polygons or polylines
that are free of self-intersections, duplicate points, and/or
overlaps and they must all form closed loops (e.g. the last
and first point should be identical).

See this blog entry for an introduction of this tool.

See the README file for further reference information.

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