is a tool that computes common forestry metrics from height-normalized LiDAR point clouds. It can compute canopy density or canopy cover (or gap fractions), height or intensity percentiles, averages, minima, maxima, kurtosis, skewness, standard deviation, and many more. The input plots can either be defined in several ways:

  • as a grid of square cells (‘-step 10’)
  • as the contents of the entire file (‘-files_are_plots’)
  • as a textual list of circles (‘-loc circles.txt’)
  • as a textual list of rectangles (‘-lor retangles,txt’)
  • as a list of polygons from a Shapefile (‘-lop plots.shp’)

Gridded plots can either be output as a number of rasters in either BIL, ASC, TIF, IMG, DTM format or as a summarizing CSV file, one line per grid cell. Other plots are always output as a CSV file, one line per plot. For more details and other options not mentioned here see the README file.

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