is a tool to classify buildings and high vegetation (i.e. trees) in LAS/LAZ files. This tool requires that the bare-earth points have already been identified (e.g. with lasground) and that the elevation of each point above the ground was already computed with lasheight (which stores a coarse height value in the ‘user_data’ field of each point).. For more details see the README file.
Below some typical results:

Sample 1: fusa

lasground -i ..\data\fusa.laz -city -o ..\data\fusa_g.laz
lasheight -i ..\data\fusa_g.laz -o ..\data\fusa_gh.laz
lasclassify -i ..\data\fusa_gh.laz -o ..\data\fusa_ghc.laz
lasview -i ..\data\fusa_ghc.laz

Sample 2: merrick

lasground -i merrick.laz -city -height -o merrick_gh.laz
lasclassify -i merrick_gh.laz -o merrick_ghc.laz
lasview -i merrick_ghc.laz


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