This tool copies selected attributes from LiDAR points from a source to a target LAS/LAZ file using the GPS-time stamp and the return number as a reference.

By default the selected attributes of the source points are copied to all target points if the two share the exact same
combination of GPS-time stamp and return number. Selecting attributes to be copied is done by adding ‚-classification‘, ‚-intensity‘, and/or ‚-elevation‘ to the command line. If no selection is made the classifications are copied.

By default the points from the target file that have no match in the source file remain unchanged unless the option ‚-zero‘ is used that set the selected attributes to 0 instead.

A simpler copy can be activated with option ‚-unmatched‘ which does not check for identical GPS-time and return number but simply copies the requested attribute in the order the point are in.

Please license from before using lascopy commercially. Please note that the unlicensed version will set intensity, gps_time, user data, and point source ID to zero, slightly change the LAS point order, and randomly add a tiny bit of white noise to the points coordinates once you exceed a certain number of points in the input file.

See README file for more information.

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