This tool probes the elevation of the LIDAR for a given x and y location and reports it to a text file or to stdout.

The tool reads LIDAR in LAS/LAZ/ASCII format, triangulates the relevant points into a TIN. For classified data sets containing a mix of ground and vegetation/building points it is imperative to specify the points which should be used for this calclation (i.e. usually ‘-keep_class 2’ or ‘-keep_class 2 8’).

The tool collects all LiDAR points that are within ‘step’ meters of the probed location. This can be changed with the ‘-step 2’ parameter which would shrink this circle to a radius to 2 meters.

If the LiDAR is spatially indexed (i.e. a *.lax file exists) this collection of points will be accelerated significanly. For repeat
probing running lasindex before lasprobe is recommended.

The output report defaults to stdout unless you specify an output file with ‘-o report.txt’. Standard output is only the elevation value, unless you add ‘-xyz’ to the command line.

See README file for more information.

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