This tools computes a voxelization of points and stores the number of voxels per cell as the intensity. You can specify the xy and the z size of the voxel cells separately with ‘-step_xy 2’ and ‘-step_z 0.3’ which would create cells of size 2 by 2 by 0.3 units or use uniform sized cells of ‘-step 0.5’. For voxels that are infinite in z direction use option ‘-step_z_infinite’.

By adding ‘-compute_mean_xyz’ to the command line lasvoxel uses the average x, y, z coordinate of all points falling into a voxel instead of the center of the voxel. By adding ‘-empty_voxels’ to the command line lasvoxel also outputs those areas of the voxelization that do not receive any points with an intensity of 0. For more details see the README file.

lasvoxel -i ..\data\house.laz -step 0.5 -o house_50cm.laz
lasvoxel -i ..\data\house.laz -step 0.5 -empty_voxels -o house_50cm_empty.laz
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