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Find infos and links about the product and your licence.

Service and Support

See our service page to get all information about service and support.

Licensed part

Our latest version is 210720.

Download latest version of LAStools

The full download has a size of about 80 MB.

If you need other versions or just some parts of the tools check the repository.

The licensed version always contain also the current version of the OpenSource parts.
It is not necessary to download or update the OpenSource part separate.

If you are not sure which version you are using:
In Windows just execute one of the executeables like “lasdatum.exe”. The GUI will show the version number at bottom left. On a commandline just type the executeable name followed by -h: This will output the help of the program and will usually also show the version number:

> lasdatum -h

LAStools (by version 210720 (...)

If you want to check your licence just enter this in your LAStools bin directory:

> lascopy -license

LAStools (by version 211026 (academic)
holder:      your_name_should_be_written_here
start date:  211027
duration:    365 days
maintenance: none
remaining:   364 days
# of seats:  office-wide (this location)
type:        academic
licensed tools:

If you need to renew your license see your sales and pricing page.

OpenSource part

Find the latest version and information about the open source part of LAStools direct at the github repository.
This repository contain the open source parts of LAStools: LASlib and LASzip.