This is an overview about all rapidlasso products.

LAStools - Open Source

The open source part of the LAStools.
tool namedescription
lasinforeport content of a LAS/LAZ file header
las2txtconverts binary LAS or LAZ files to human readable ASCII text format.
txt2lasconverts from ASCII to binary LAS or compressed LAZ file.
lasvalidatevalidate LAS or LAZ files to conform the ASPRS specification.
laszipcompresses LAS files.
lasindexcreates a index file (LAX) about a LAS/LAZ file.
las2lasextracts last returns, clips, subsamples, translates, etc.
lasmergemerges several LAS or LAZ files.
lasprecisionanalyses the actual precision of the LIDAR points.
lastool.exeold GUI for multiple LAStools (now within every tool item)

LAStools - Licensed

Overview about all tools in the rapidlasso LAStools toolset which are licensed
tool namedescriptionnote
lasviewsimple and fast LiDAR visualization tool
lasgroundtool for bare-earth extraction
lasclassifyclassify buildings and high vegetation
las2demtriangulates LIDAR points from LAS/LAZ to TIN and DEM
las2isoextracts elevation contours to SHP/KML/WKT/TXT format
lascolorcolorize LIDAR points using an external image
lasgridgrid LIDAR onto a raster.
lasoverlapcomputes the flight line overlap and alignment of LIDAR points.
lasoveragefind “overage” points of multiple lightlines.
lasboundarycomputes a boundary polygon that encloses LIDAR points.
lasclipclip LIDAR data by polygons.
lasheightcomputes the height of each point above the ground.
lastrackcomputes the height above or the distance in x/y from each point and its trajectory.
lascanopycomputes common forestry metrics from height-normalized LiDAR point clouds.
lasthinA simple LIDAR thinning algorithm.
lasoptimizeLIDAR data optimization.
lassortsorts the points of a LAS/LAZ/ASCII file.
lasvoxelcomputes a voxelization of points.
lasreturnprocess multi-return data files.
lasduplicatefinds and removes all duplicate points from a LAS/LAZ/ASCII file.
lascontrolcomputes the elevation of LiDAR data at certain points.
lastiletiles LIDAR points into tiles.
lassplittool that splits LAS or LAZ files into multiple files.

BLAST tools

Tools to blast processing speed.
tool namedescription
blast2isolas2iso with “streaming TIN” technology
blast2demlas2dem with “streaming TIN” technology