Customer Information & Support

Thank you for using LAStools. On this page you will find useful information about our software, answers to frequently asked questions, sources of support, and troubleshooting recommendations.

System requirements

LAStools run on Windows and Linux. Most Windows binaries are available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The Linux binaries are 64-bit. All 64-bit versions have the suffix “64”.


If you need older versions or just parts of LAStools, visit the repository


Download the latest version. Unzip the files to a directory on your local hard drive. Then place your license file in the ./bin directory.


All version numbers follow the syntax: Year[YY]Month[MM]Day[DD] of release. Example: Version 211206 means the version was released on December 6, 2021. You may not necessarily need the latest version. If your version does what you want, everything is fine. Updates & bug fixes are listed in the changelog .

Version check: On Windows, run one of the executable files such as “ladatum.exe”. The GUI shows the version number at the bottom left. On the command line, type the name of the executable followed by -h.

> lasdatum -h

LAStools (by version 210720 (...)

License check

To check your license file, please run:

> lascopy -license

LAStools (by version 211026 (academic)
holder:      your_name_should_be_written_here
start date:  211027
duration:    365 days
maintenance: none
remaining:   364 days
# of seats:  office-wide (this location)
type:        academic
licensed tools:

Tutorials & Videos

Tutorials by rapidlasso

Tutorials are available on YouTube, and can be downloaded as a PDF  (243 MB, 630 pages). Direct link to the popular tutorial: “From raw flightlines to final products”

Tutorials by others

Bezirksregierung Köln: “Anleitung zur Nutzung der LAStools“ (German language).


LiDAR processing with LAStools in the Canary islands
UNB Fredericton workshop on LiDAR Processing with LAStools
LASindex – simple spatial indexing of LiDAR data
LASzip: lossless compression of LiDAR data
LAStools‘ BLAST extension: Triangulating billions of LiDAR points


If you encounter problems processing lidar, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your (raw) data. Use lasvalidate to check whether your input data is valid.
  2. Download the latest version. If the issue is new in this version: Try an older version. It may make sense to run different versions in different directories. Run lascopy -h to check your version number. Run all tools with the -v (verbose) option to see if they already generate a warning.
  3. Extract your problem. Break it down. This may already solve the problem.
  4. See if others had the same problem. Visit the LAStools User Group and use the search function with various keywords.
  5. Post your problem to the LAStools User Group. Focus on the problem. Break it down. Provide simple sample data so anyone can reproduce your problem. List the commands you ran. What did they output? What did you expect? Report the environment & version number you are using.

Support sources

LAStools User Group (hosted by rapidlasso)

Most important support page for LAStools. You can meet other users, find solutions to your problems, and post your questions. Relevant news & updates about LAStools are also published in this group.


If your question relates to the open source part of LAStools / programming, you can address your question to the open source community.

Stack exchange

Main source of support for users. The GIS subdomain contains all content about LiDAR and LAStools. If your question is more general and not specific to LAStools, you may find an answer here.

Email to our Service

If you have questions that the resources above don’t answer, email us:

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