Customer Information

Thank you for using LAStools.

System requirements

All programs run under Windows or Linux.
Most Windows binaries are available in 32-bit or 64-bit versions; the Linux binaries are 64-bit. All 64-bit versions have a “64” suffix in the filename.


The full windows download has a size of about 80 MB.
This is always the newest version.
If you need other versions or just some parts of the tools, check the repository.
The Linux version is available here.
The GUI wrapper laslook is carried out via this setup program.


The software is delivered as a ZIP file. Download the latest version, as shown above.
Unzip the files into a directory on your local hard disk.
Put your license file into the ./bin directory.
That’s it.


Please don’t get confused about the versions we provide. The version numbers following this syntax:
Year[YY]Month[MM]Day[DD] of the release. So Version 211206 means the version was released on the 6th of December in 2021.

You may not need the newest version. You are fine as long as your version is doing what you want. If there are important updates, they will be announced in the google group. Usually, the new versions contain all that we have posted in the LAStools google group since the last release. It is wise to be a member and read the mails posted there. To see the changes of a new version, you may look at the CHANGES.txt file within the ZIP file of the delivery.

The licensed version always contain also the current version of the OpenSource parts.
It is optional to download or update the OpenSource part separately.

If you are not sure which version you are using:
In Windows, just execute one of the executables like “lasdatum.exe.” The GUI will show the version number at the bottom left. On a command line, type the executable name followed by -h: This will output the help of the program and will usually also show the version number:

> lasdatum -h

LAStools (by version 210720 (...)

If you want to check your license, enter this in your LAStools bin directory:

> lascopy -license

LAStools (by version 211026 (academic)
holder:      your_name_should_be_written_here
start date:  211027
duration:    365 days
maintenance: none
remaining:   364 days
# of seats:  office-wide (this location)
type:        academic
licensed tools:

See our sales and pricing page if you need to renew your license.

OpenSource part

Find the latest version and information about the open source part of LAStools direct at the GitHub repository. This repository contains the open-source parts of LAStools: LASlib and LASzip.

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