Licenses bought via „Buy now“ include a credit card processing fee of 5%. Kindly note that the generation & delivery of the license file can take up to 48 hours. Please contact us for invoices and banking information. We prefer payments via bank/wire transfer. All prices are net without VAT. For German customers, 19% MwSt is added to the prices listed below. Customers from the European Union must provide their VAT-ID to avoid paying German MwSt of 19%.

full non-production, non-profit, research license (lab-wide)

schools, colleges, universities

EUR 2000

EUR 2100 (incl. 5%)

non-profit research laboratory

EUR 3000

EUR 3150 (incl. 5%)

commercial and government production license (single-seat)

individual tools (i.e. only lasground)

EUR 1500

EUR 1575 (incl. 5%)

only BLAST

EUR 2000

EUR 2100 (incl. 5%)

LAStools without BLAST

EUR 4000

EUR 4200 (incl. 5%)

LAStools with BLAST

EUR 5000

EUR 5250 (incl. 5%)

multi-seat licenses are significantly discounted

2nd license: -40%

3rd license: -50%

4th license: -60%

5th license: -70%

6th license: -80%

7th license: -90 %

commercial and government production license (office-wide)

LAStools without BLAST

EUR 12000

EUR 12600 (incl. 5%)

LAStools with BLAST

EUR 15000

EUR 15750 (incl. 5%)

All licenses are limited to one year from the date of issue. After one year, a maintenance fee is required to renew the license annually. Renewals for multiple years are also possible. This includes access to all updates & extensions of LAStools. The renewal price is 20% of the total license & maintenance fees paid up to that date. From the fifth year onwards, the accumulation is capped.

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