Please get in touch with us for invoices, license agreements, and banking information. We prefer payments via international wire or SEPA.
All prices are net without VAT. European customers must provide a VAT number (VIES) to avoid paying VAT.
German customers need to add MwSt of 19 percent to the prices shown.

Licenses bought via “Buy now” include a credit card processing fee of 5.0 percent.

full non-production, non-profit, research license (lab-wide)

schools, colleges, universities

EUR 2000

EUR 2100 (incl. 5%)

non-profit research laboratory

EUR 3000

EUR 3150 (incl. 5%)

commercial and government production license (single-seat)

individual tools (i.e. only lasground)

EUR 1500

EUR 1575 (incl. 5%)

only BLAST

EUR 2000

EUR 2100 (incl. 5%)

LAStools without BLAST

EUR 4000

EUR 4200 (incl. 5%)

LAStools with BLAST

EUR 5000

EUR 5250 (incl. 5%)

multi-seat licenses are significantly discounted

2nd license. 60%

3rd license. 50%

4th license. 40%

5th license. 30%

6th license. 20%

7th license. 10 %

commercial and government production license (office-wide)

LAStools without BLAST

EUR 12000

EUR 12600 (incl. 5%)

LAStools with BLAST

EUR 15000

EUR 15750 (incl. 5%)

All licenses are time-limited to one year from the day the license is being issued. After one year a maintenance contract becomes necessary to renew the license annually. This contract also provides continuous access to updates and enhancements of LAStools. It is priced at 20% of the total accumulated license and maintenance fees paid up to that date. Prices are without value added tax (VAT). If you reside in Germany a Mehrwertsteuer of 19 percent is added to the prices above. If you reside within the European Union we need your European VAT number VIES to avoid the German Mehrwertsteuer of 19 percent.

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