As a quick start-up guide, we recommend the laslook introductory video. You can watch this in your browser or on YouTube. A detailed “laslook user manual” is available for download as a PDF.

Download & Installation

laslook is part of the LAStools setup (“Windows with GUI”) and is available as an individual download).
During setup process or after installation simply enter the path to LAStools. (Menu “File > Settings”, enter the path to the “bin” directory of LAStools. This is usually: “c:\lastools\bin”).
Optional you can do a manual or non-standard installation.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

  • Virus alerts:
    On some operating systems/computers you may receive a “virus alert”. All files have been carefully checked to avoid infection. Therefore, it is most likely a false alert. If you are unsure about a file, check one or more files from the installation using (Link:
  • Zoom settings:
    The program attempts to determine the default zoom and font size using the dpi/ppi value of your primary display. In both cases, you can change the application zoom from 100 to 200% using the „View > Zoom“ menu. Optionally, you can make a quick change by clicking the button at the very bottom right of the program’s main window. Within text fields, you can also use Ctrl-Mousewheel to change the font size quickly & smoothly.
  • „LasZip: Failed to open DLL“:
    If you receive the (dependency) error message: „LasZip: failed to open DLL … LASzip64.dll“: Please download the setup again and perform a fresh installation. If it is still the case that the MSVC dependency is missing, just install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package and it should work.
  • “VCRUNTIME140_1.dll missing”:
    This can happen on old computers that don’t have much software installed at all. Please download and install the latest Microsoft VC Redistributable Runtime.
  • “Database not found (SQL Error: SQL logic error)”:
    This can happen if the program cannot find the SQLite database file. The installer writes the database to the following location:

If the file does not exist at startup, the SQLite driver will create this file for you. But of course, this file is then empty so the program gives the error. Therefore, make sure the file exists and is around 3 MB in size. In laslook’s log window you can check whether the file was loaded. A normal log should look like this:

    1 18:10:27 257 . Language file [C:\dev\rapidlasso\lasgui\run\x64\laslook.lng]
    2 18:10:27 259   Open configuration [C:\Users\Public\Documents\rapidlasso\laslook\laslook.ini]
    3 18:10:27 259 . Load style [laslook]
    4 18:10:27 260   System language is [de]
    5 18:10:27 260   Create [Settings]
    6 18:10:27 260 . insert dpanel [Einstellungen]~frSettings
    7 18:10:27 270   Create [ArgumentSelect]
    8 18:10:27 270 . insert dpanel [Argument Auswahl]~frArgumentSelect
    9 18:10:27 278   Create [LasToolList]
   10 18:10:27 278 . insert dpanel [LAStools]~frLasToolList
   11 18:10:27 316   Create [LasToolInfo]
   12 18:10:27 318 . insert dpanel [Dokumentation]~frLasToolInfo
   13 18:10:27 323   Create [LasToolArgumentList]
   14 18:10:27 324 . insert dpanel [Argumente]~frLasToolArgumentList
   15 18:10:27 332   Create [LasFiles]
   16 18:10:27 334 . insert dpanel [Dateien]~frLasFiles
   17 18:10:27 345   Create [LasInfoView]
   18 18:10:27 347 . insert dpanel [Datei Informationen]~frLasInfoView
   19 18:10:27 362   Console done
   20 18:10:27 363   Create [LasConsole]
   21 18:10:27 363 . insert dpanel [Konsole]~frLasConsole
   22 18:10:27 521   Create [LasGL3dViewPool]
   23 18:10:27 524 . insert dpanel [3D Ansicht]~fr3dView
   24 18:10:27 534   Create [A4ProjJson]
   25 18:10:27 893   DB connect to [C:\Users\Public\Documents\rapidlasso\laslook\laslook.db3]
   26 18:10:27 896   layout load last [layout_current.lay]
   27 18:10:27 896   dock: load file [C:\Users\Public\Documents\rapidlasso\laslook\layout_current.lay]
   28 18:10:27 896   System language is [de]
   29 18:10:27 896   all argument refresh

So first some modules are loaded and then the connection to the database is established in line 25. Please check that your database loads in the same way without errors and that the file is in the location shown. If this file is missing, you can simply go through the setup again.

  • Not all points are shown:
    If not all points of a pointcloud appear in the visualizer, you may need to click „Show all data“ to ensure that all data is loaded. If a display is cropped, you may need check your camera setting. Make sure the camera is far enough away from your pointcloud and the view depth is high enough:

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