LASzip is included in our full download package and available as source code to be compiled in Windows, Linux or MacOS environments. LASzip is provided as an Apache 2.0-licensed standalone software library.

  • De-facto standard for compressed point clouds in the LiDAR industry.
  • Terrabytes of LAZ data are available for free download from countless agencies.
  • Winner of the 2012 Geospatial World Forum “Technology Innovation Award in LiDAR Processing”.
  • Runner-up for the “Most Innovative Product” at INTERGEO 2012.
  • The spec of LASzip can be found in this PDF.

LASzip compression can be much smaller & faster than generic compressors like bz2, gzip, and rar because it knows what the different bytes in a LAS file represent. The availability of the LASzip DLL and two APIs (libLAS & LASlib) with LASzip capability makes it easy to add native LAZ support to your software package.

Example: Compressing & decompressing the LAS file lidar.las with laszip.exe as shown below, results in lidar_copy.las that are bit-identical to lidar.las. However, the small size of lidar.laz makes it much easier to store, copy, transmit, or archive large amounts of LIDAR.

laszip -i lidar.las -o lidar.laz
laszip -i lidar.laz -o lidar_copy.las

This (incomplete) list shows software & providers that support the LAZ format:
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