How to get support

We are in continuous progress to improve our software and extend our service to all customers.
There are several sites on the internet where you can get information and help about our products.

Solving problems

Sometimes, the software does not do what you want or expect.

Follow these steps if you run into a problem with processing lidar data:

Check Data

Check your (raw) data. Use lasvalidate to see if your input data is valid. If your input data is invalid, it is no surprise that the result is different than expected.

Check version

Check your program version. Do you use the latest version? If not, do so. Do you use the latest version and think this problem is new in this version: Try an older version!
It is may useful to run different versions in different directories. See the changelog for the latest version number. Use “LAScopy -h” to see your version number. Run all tools with the -v (verbose) option to see if they may generate a warning already.

Define your problem.

Extract it. Keep it as small and simple as possible. Break it down. By doing this, the problem may solve already

See if others had this problem

Use the search function with different keywords about your problem. It is most likely that someone else had the same problem before.

Post your problem.

If you got this far and did not find a solution, it may be worth posting your problem to the LAStools user group. Again: Concentrate on the issue. Again: Break it down. Supply some simple sample data so everyone can reproduce your problem. List exactly the commands you did run. What did they output? What did you expect them to output? Report the environment and version number you use. This is an example of a good question.

rapidlasso Services

LAStools user group

The LAStools user group is a place to meet other LAStools users and may find answers to your questions.
This is the main page for all questions about the tool.
If you have any questions about LAStools, post them there.

Tutorials by rapidlasso

We have a huge collection of tutorials. You can download them as PDF file (243MB, 630 pages) for offline reading or access them online.
Direct links to some most read tutorials:
Tutorial: From flightlines to final product.
Tutorial videos on youtube.

Resources in the world wide web

Tutorials by others

Bezirksregierung Köln: PDF “Anleitung zur Nutzung der LAStools“.

Stack exchange
Stack Exchange became the biggest source of support by users. The subdomain GIS contains all content about LiDAR and the LAStools. You may find an answer if your question is more general and not specific to the LAStools.


If you have questions the resources on the web won’t answer, you may write an email to our service.

If the support you need belongs to the open source part of LAStools like LASzip or LASlib and you are a programmer, you may address your question to the open source community.

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