Sometimes the software doesn’t do what you want or expect. If you encounter a problem processing lidar data, please follow these steps:

Check Data

Check your (raw) data. Use lasvalidate to check whether your input data is valid. If your input data is invalid, it’s no surprise that the result will be different than expected.

Check version

Download the latest version. If the issue is new in this version: Try an older version. It may make sense to run different versions in different directories. Run lascopy -h to check your version number. Run all tools with the -v (verbose) option to see if they already generate a warning.

Define your problem.

Extract it. Break it down. This may already solve the problem.

See if others had this problem

Visit the LAStools User Group and use the search function with various keywords. It’s very likely that someone else has had the same problem before.

Post your problem.

If you followed the steps above but haven’t found a solution, post your problem to the LAStools User Group. Focus on the problem. Break it down. Provide simple sample data so anyone can reproduce your problem. List the commands you ran. What did they output? What did you expect? Report the environment & version number you are using.

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