Dear customers,

as many of you might already know, Martin Isenburg, developer of LAStools and founder of rapidlasso GmbH, passed away unexpectedly in September. 
His passing is a huge loss for us and the whole LIDAR community. Meanwhile, our team has re-established all services. Martin's brilliant software will be maintained and further developed. 
LAStools’ future, as Martin’s legacy, is assured. 

Commercial tools will be licensed using the familiar mechanism. Kindly note that Martin‘s Emails are not accessible. You cannot contact us via the former channels. Martin did not leave a database. Customers are encouraged to email, so that we can safe your contact. 
Customers with license renewal request are encouraged to email

We are sorry for any inconvenience. We thank you for your patience and for your support.


at rapidlasso, creators of LAStoolsLASzip, and PulseWaves.

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Our LiDAR processing tools are widely known for their blazing speeds and high productivity. Our software combines robust algorithms with efficient I/O and clever memory management to achieve high throughput for data sets containing billions of points.

Our popular LAStools software suite has deep market penetration and is heavily used in the commercial sector, government agencies, research labs, and educational institutions alike — filtering, tiling, rasterizing, triangulating, converting, clipping, quality-checking, etc. TeraBytes of LiDAR every day.

Our open-source LiDAR compressor LASzip has become the de facto industry standard for compressed LiDAR. It has won the 2012 Geospatial World Forum Technology Innovation Award and was voted 2nd place for “most innovative product” at INTERGEO 2012.