As an input take, for example, a LAS/LAZ/TXT file and a SHP/TXT file with oneor many polylines (e.g. powerlines).This feature modifies points within a certain distance of those polylines.There are two separate options for running point selection; you can either: Affected points can be classified, clipped, or flaged. The input SHP/TXT file must contain clean […]

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New LAStools READMEs

Background The documentation of LAStools has grown steadily in recent years. At the moment there are 3 sources available: reference info in the *_readme.txt files the blogs on and our LAStools google group The reference information in the readme files has not always been updated for changes andenhancements, so: some arguments/parameters were

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Development and perspective

Beside maintenance and customer support, LAStools will certainly need some updates and further development to remain competitive. We are currently working on the following tasks: New GUI LAStools is a fundamental element regarding LiDAR data processing, but the GUI is outdated. Young professionals require a more intuitive operation. Visualizing cloud points helps to understand about

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