LASmoons: Olumese Efeovbokhan

Olumese Efeovbokhan (recipient of another three LASmoons)
Geosciences, School of Geography
University of Nottingham, UK

Hydrological models require various input data for flood vulnerability mapping. An important input data for flood vulnerability mapping is the DTM over which flow is being routed. DTMs are generated using cartography, ground surveying, digital aerial photogrammetry, interferometric SAR (InSAR), LiDAR amongst other means. The accuracy of high resolution DTMs minimize errors that may emanate from input data when conducting hydrological modelling, especially in small built-up catchment areas. This research involves the application of digital aerial photogrammetry to generate point clouds which can subsequently be utilized for flood vulnerability mapping.

To consolidate on previous gains in using LAStools to generate DTMs required for flood vulnerability mapping. The suitability of these DTMs will be subsequently validated for flood vulnerability analysis. These results will be compared with other DTMs in order to determine the uncertainty associated with the use of such DTMs for flood vulnerability mapping.

high-resolution photogrammetry point cloud and DSM for Lagos Island, Ikorodu and Ajah Nigeria
– – – imagery obtained with an Ebee Sensefly drone flight
– – – photogrammetry point cloud generated with Photoscan by AgiSoft 
+ rainfall data
+ classified LiDAR point cloud with a resolution of 1 pulse per square meter obtained for the study area from the Lagos State Government

LAStools processing:
1) tile large photogrammetry point cloud into tiles with buffer [lastile]
2) mark set of points whose z coordinate is a certain percentile of that of their neighbors [lasthin]
3) remove isolated low points from the set of marked points [lasnoise]
4) classify marked points into ground and non-ground [lasground]
5) pull in points close above and below the ground [lasheight]
6) create Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from ground points [las2dem]
7) merge and hillshade individual raster DTMs [blast2dem]

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