LiDAR downloads via WMS

The Geographic Information Section of the Government of La Rioja in Spain has integrated information about their „open LiDAR“ data with a WMS server allowing their users to easily find and download it. The WMS layer contains attributes for each tile that include download links to compressed LiDAR files in LAZ format or additional technical documents. Users can access this WMS service through standard GIS clients that implement OGC protocols (QGIS, gvSIG, ArcGIS …).

Alternatively, the LiDAR holdings can also be explored through any HTML interface capable of issuing a GetFeatureInfo request. Their interactive GeoVisor portal (see example screen shots below) is a fully configurable geospatial platform that allows exploring the content and downloading the LiDAR data with any modern Web browser. Below an example HTML request that combines four WMS layers.


The Geographic Information Section of the La Rioja Government is going to include WMS services to all the available LiDAR data. You can follow their progress via twitter at @iderioja.

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