is a GUI frontend for LAStools.The tool is not part of the regular download of the commandline LAStools but an extra download. The programme can be used free of charge. Installation The installation is carried out via a setup programme.After the installation, only the path to LAStools needs to beContinue Reading

The new GUI wrapper for LAStools, “laslook”, is now available for download. Documentation For a quick startup guide we recommend the laslook introduction video. If you can’t view the video native in your browser you may watch the youtube version. Installation The installation is carried out via a setup programme.AfterContinue Reading

This is a handy tool to merge multiple LiDAR files into one. However, we usually discourage this practice as this can also be achieved on-the-fly with the ‘-merged’ option in any of the other LAStools without creating a second copy on disk. In addition this tools allows splitting larger files into smaller subsets eachContinue Reading

rapidlasso announces a new LAStools Plugin for ArcGIS Pro. So far, the toolbox worked in ArcMap. As ESRI plans to discontinue ArcMap and recommends users to migrate to ArcGIS Pro, the LAStools Plugin has been converted to ArcGIS Pro. For more information, please read the documentation.Continue Reading

We announce the release of LAStools@Linux. Please read the following instructions carefully to complete the installation. Download Download the binaries from and unzip the package. Docker script To build your environment you need to provide some dependent external libraries. We didn’t create a universal docker but share a dockerContinue Reading

Install While QGIS is probably the most popular free open-source Geographic Information System (GIS) software widely used in the geospatial industry and education, LAStools is probably the fastest and most efficient point cloud data processing software for LiDAR datasets. Therefore, it is useful to bring these powerful software components together.Continue Reading

This tool is the “swiss-army knife” of LiDAR file processing. It can convert, filter, transform, subset, repair, scale, translate, zero, clamp, compress, initialize, … LAS or LAZ files in numerous ways. This tool is 100% open source LGPL. For more details see the README file.Continue Reading

Background The documentation of LAStools has grown steadily in recent years. At the moment there are 3 sources available: reference info in the *_readme.txt files the blogs on and our LAStools google group The reference information in the readme files has not always been updated for changesContinue Reading