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LAStools @linux

LAStools runs on Windows and Linux. This article describes the features and installation of LAStools for Linux. Features All binaries are 64bit.Multicore (-cores) is supported.BLAST is not available right now on Linux.The „-gui“ option is not available because most users run LAStools@Linux on the command line for batch processing. Installation Download the binaries via a

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E57 to LAS converter for Linux

Our popular E57 to LAS/LAZ converter e572las is now also available for Linux. The converter converts point clouds from the E57 format to the LAS or the lossless compressed LAZ format. Download the binaries. The tar.gz package contains 3 files. Filename Description The README file with the documentation of the tool. e572las64 The tool

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laslook 1.2.0

We announce the release of laslook 1.2.0 – a major improvement to the software, including many new features and some bug fixes. This article first introduces some important innovations, at the end of the text you will find a list of further changes Pointcloud colorization Currently, colorization can be done by different attributes like classification

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